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StemTek Therapeutics is committed to developing innovative next-generation cancer therapeutics.  We are developing a pipeline of novel compounds targeting specific pathways necessary for cancer stem cell growth.  Our therapeutic approach aims to obtain rapid preclinical efficacy in vitro using our proprietary Cell2SphereTM technology and validate it through in vivo proof-of-concept efficacy studies, in order to proceed to pharmaceutical development.

StemTek Therapeutics is actively seeking development of proprietary therapeutical products through in-licensing strategy, favoring the creation of new spin-out companies dedicated to product development. We evaluate leads generated through collaborations with research centers, universities and companies to search for novel treatments in cancer stem cell therapeutics.

We can help you accelerate your projects for cancer drug discovery and would like to hear about them, please contact:


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StemTek R&D is supported by collaborations and alliances with leading Industry and Academia

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