The spanish start up StemTek Therapeutics has launched a unique ready-to-use kit that democratizes the use of cancer stem cell enriched 3D cell cultures providing a convenient and biologically relevant system for drug discovery. See the Source and the full article here.
In this radio broadcast Elixabete Legarda interviews Angel Garcia. They talk about the beginnins,  goals and future of Stemtek Therapeutics.     

StemTek Therapeutics Launches Cell2Sphere 3D Cell Culture Kit

Bilbao, Spain & Cologne, Germany - November 07, 2016

A geometric evolution of cell based assay development for drug discovery. StemTek Therapeutics, a leading Spanish biotech start up, today announced the availability of Cell2Sphere, an innovative 3D cell culture kit created specifically for use in cancer stem cell research, pharmaceutical drug development and personalized medicine. Cell2Sphere frozen spheroid tissue culture samples increase the shelf life of today’s 3D cultures, enhancing the biological relevance of pre-clinical in vi...
Today, International Breast Cancer Day, Olatz Leis, StemTek Therapeutics researcher, has been interviewed by the newspaper 'Tolosaldeko ataria', from Guipuzcoa, Spain to speak about this XXI century disease.      For full article, in basque language only, please check the original source.
Guillermo Yoldi y Eva González-Suárez Laboratorio Transformación y Metástasis, Programa de Epigenética y Biología de Cáncer (PEBC), Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Bellvitge (IDIBELL), Barcelona, España. El cáncer de mama es la neoplasia más frecuente en mujeres y por tanto constituye uno de los problemas de salud pública más graves y acuciantes a nivel mundial. La mortalidad en c&a...
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