I have been engaged recently in discussions with several high profile researchers and scientists from pharma industry on how to test for drugs that target cancer stem cells. Targeted based screening, the preferred strategy for pharma, relies on targets that are validated on cancer stem cells, which there are only a handful (maybe SHH pathway, Wnt pathway or TGFb come to mind). After the initial flurry of activity in the field a decade ago, the biology of cancer stem cells has proven comple...

Cancer stem cells, mitochondria & antibiotics

Bilbao, Spain - April 22, 2015

Why not treat cancer like an infectious disease?   This question, that could sound “naive”, was actually asked by a schoolgirl to her father.  It might not have had any impact on other family but in this case, the father was Michael P. Lisanti, a reputed cancer scientist, now director of The Breatkthrough Breast Cancer Research Unit at the University of Manchester.  His group described in a previous work the high dependence of cancer stem cell...

BioEurope Spring 2015 Paris special

Bilbao, Spain - March 16, 2015

BioEurope Special Just back from the BioEurope Spring 2015 held in Paris, France. Quite intense meeting, over 2500 participants, 1300 companies registered, once again this is the opportunity to meet everybody in the biopharmaceutical arena, not just in Europe, but from all over the world. One of the highlights of this conference is the partnering session, where you get the chance to, in sort of a speed-dating format, get face-to-face interaction with partners, collaborators and potential clie...

Setting the basics for cancer stem cell research

Bilbao, Spain - March 06, 2015

Although the existence of cancer stem cells in solid tumors has been widely proven through experimentation, the Cancer Stem Cell model of tumor generation and progression still is the focus of some controversy and, mostly, misunderstanding.  Here the Stemtek Blog team will try to clarify some aspects about cancer and, specifically, about the so-called cancer stem cells (CSCs) everybody is talking about. Let’s start by defining what CSCs are (or are not). Stochastic or traditi...
StemTek Therapeutics activity is profiled in the February issue of EmpresaXXI, bi-weekly journal of the basque enterprise. A bio of Angel García Martín, one of StemTek founders, is shown on page 10.
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